Appropriation Letters

Each year, every unit of ERRS pays an appropriation to the retirement system.  The appropriation is based on that unit's share of the total salaries of all employees who are members of ERRS.  The unit's share is based on the actual salaries paid through September 30th of each year and then estimated for the final quarter of the year.  The salaries are based on the actual retirement withholdings contributed by each member employed by each unit.  This salary information is submitted to our state oversight agency, the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC) on October 31st each year.

PERAC then calculates each unit's share of the total retirement system salaries and that amount becomes the unit's share of the total appropriation for that fiscal year.  The total appropriation for each fiscal year is established by the funding schedule approved by the retirement system and by PERAC.  PERAC submits the annual appropriation letter to the retirement system on or before December 15th of each year.

Below please find the annual appropriation approval letters submitted by PERAC for ERRS for the most recent fiscal years.